Over 15 yrs ago, an employer tried to accuse me of fraud and forgery (faking signature on a timesheet). I decided to pay her the $700 dollars after being contacted by phone by a police officer to inform me that I would be arrested. Short story: I gave the employer a money order for the $700 because although an assistant signed the timesheet, I felt intimidated, therefore when they gave me to option to just pay the money, I did just that. The case was closed, charges not pressed. I was not arrested, no fingerprints or photos taken of me. Does it still show up on the record ? Does is show up as complaint? Was I charged? I am applying for a clerical position in law enforcement agency and I'm concerned. I don't even know where to look for that record if it exists. I don't recall if I was given a case number. This was over 15 years ago. Dade County, FL.

Advise is appreciated.

Thanks in advance.



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